Exclusive Streetwear, our passion.

Exclusive Streetwear is our passion.

Three Bricks Clothing Company is founded on December 21, 2012. Three Bricks is inspired by the street scene: hiphop, street art, skateboarding, sneakers and the hustle. We want to inspire, like the streets inspired us. We push the game to a higher level. Exclusive streetwear. The best quality. The finest fabrics. All handmade with care.

Three Bricks is a brand in exclusive streetwear, which truly comes in limited quantities. Some of our clothing is limited to only 1 or 2 pieces. Originality and expression is what keeps us on our path. It is the motivation for everything. On the streets you can express yourself; with spray cans, rhymes or flips and grinds. The street is our canvas, stage and park, and you’ve got to be original.

It’s like wearing an Air Jordan sneaker that no one else has. It’s like doing the illest flips on your board, showing true skills. It’s like being the baddest rapper around or making killer beats on your MPC. It’s like a graffiti masterpiece: original and inspiring. We want to influence the street scene positively, with fine clothes.

We are based in Groningen, the Netherlands. We ship our products to every country in the world. We are a small clothing company with passion for our product. High quality. Exclusive streetwear. Limited quantities.  We don’t have a big headquarter in Paris, we don’t have commercials on TV, we don’t have a marketing budget at all. We can’t sponsor huge events or celebrities with big fanbases, and we can’t produce at rock bottom prices. But we can make high quality, partially handmade and truly exclusive streetwear with love and passion.
We love the game. We love the hustle. We got love for the streets

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